So many times before, during, or after a deliverance session, I have people ask me to connect them with others who have been through deliverance so that they can ask questions and be encouraged. The Freedom Community is our solution to help you connect and encourage you on your freedom walk with Jesus. 


Here are some of the topics waiting for you: 

Come back and visit as often as you like. Post and contribute as much as you want. Ask questions and get answers from people who have walked in your shoes. Share and encourage other believers on their freedom journey.


Click the button below to go to the sign up page. On the sign up page, you will sign in using your email address to add this "product" to your Library.

After you are officially signed up, access the the Freedom Community will be stored in your Library on my site:

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Check out the Freedom Community below.  You can look by topic or through a feed format (images of both views are below).  I love the organization that it offers to find the needed resources.  My prayer is that this tool further helps you in your journey through connection. 

It's super easy! Come here when need resources, specific scriptures, worship songs, encouragement, and a place to share and celebrate your victories. Come when you have questions or feel burdened. Connect with others that have walked the walk and can offer insight. We are here for you! 

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Deliverance Donation

Thank you for supporting my ministry work.  Andrea Williams, LLC is NOT a 501c3; however, I do not charge for deliverance sessions. It is my desire that everyone is able to receive freedom no matter their financial situation.  I do have a family that I support so I do appreciate you valuing my time and helping me to continue leading people to freedom in Jesus.

Deliverance Donation