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Are You Too Comfortable With Your Demons?

Jun 15, 2021
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Curious about what keeps people in bondage?  I have been as well.  I have a hard time wrapping my head around how if people know they can be free why they don’t choose freedom and live a life of freedom.  For me, it was very black and white.  I wanted to live in complete peace every day.  I did not want to feel any spiritual “yuckiness” in me.  At the time, I didn’t know it was spiritual.  I just knew there was a “yuckiness”, and I wanted it gone.  Some people just get comfortable with this yuckiness, and it becomes their normal.  Digging into scripture is what exposes this internal yuckiness.  


Working with people one on one through deliverance has taught me a lot about what keeps people in bondage and why they stay in it.  Here are some things I have learned: 


  1. People do not recognize the yuckiness as demons.


I look around and can see bondage in many people around me.  When you know the traps the enemy uses and the damage the enemy causes in people’s lives, it becomes hard to miss.  Many times, I can identify strongholds just through a conversation.  People think, speak, and act out of a place of freedom or bondage (Luke 6:43-49).  However, many people do not recognize that a foundational level their belief system affects their words, actions, emotions, etc.  Many don’t recognize when these words, actions, emotions, and beliefs are opposed to God and His Ways.  Did you know that even questioning whether you are good enough is a thought opposed to God’s Word that can bring bondage and demonic oppression in your life?  I am sure you can imagine in a extreme case the damage done in a child’s life or a woman in bad marriage when they are constantly told that they are not good enough how this lie becomes something they believe over time which can establish in them insecurity, rejection, self-hate (all demonic spirits) which all work to systematically destroy the person and keep them from becoming everything that God is calling them to be.  Social media can have the same effect as well as being in any environment where the lie that you are not good enough is reiterated.  We confront this lie with the truth that we are enough in Christ.  Without Christ, no one is enough. 


Many people probably have not stopped to think about their words and actions in spiritual terms with spiritual implications.  Many times, I hear that it is not that big of a deal, or it is just who they are.  What I do know is that the enemy works hard to bury his work and not be obvious in a person’s life.  He hides in the busyness of our lives.  He hides in our ignorance (Hosea 4:6).   He will bring thoughts of shame and embarrassment to a person at the thought of demons even being a potential cause in their struggle (pride).  Some do not believe that Christians can have demons (doubt/unbelief).  Some are afraid of facing their demons (fear).  In my opinion, demonic oppression is the greatest cover up of all time!!!     


  1. Some people just do not want to let go of their demons.


Some people are just comfortable with their demons.  They are ok with where they are.  They may have embraced their loneliness, unworthiness, anger, anxiety, fear, depression, addictions, sexual perversions, or overall lifestyle.  They may not even admit that they have embraced them or realize that they have embraced them.  They may rely on the demons whether intentionally or unintentionally to help them cope, falsely keep order, try to control their life and surroundings, feel accepted, etc.  However, these demons are really working to destroy the person and their life.  They steal God’s promises and blessings from them.  They destroy them physically through sickness, disease, and injury.  Some people have justified having sickness because they have been reach people for the Kingdom while being sick.  Friend, God will use you no matter your situation, but He does not want you sick.  That logic does not even make sense.  Are you fully effective for the Kingdom of God while you are sick?  No!  How much more useful would you be fully healed?  Why would part of the promises that we receive in Jesus be healing (Isaiah 53:5) if He wanted you sick?  But you might argue that you have prayed for healing and God has not healed you.  I would then ask if you have addressed the spiritual root of your disease.  How can you be healed if there are demons that have permission to be and are causing the damage?  The spiritual roots must be dealt with so that healing can come…physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.


Finally, sometimes people just feel justified in hanging on to certain demonic kingdoms such as Angry with God, Grief, Anger, Unforgiveness, etc. because of a trauma or life event.  Some people in a deliverance session or after a deliverance session will not want to let go of the demons they face because they feel they need them.  A lie that the enemy loves to have people believe because it gives them access to the person’s life.


  1. Lining back up with evil thinking ushers back in the demons.


Some people can struggle to remain free after deliverance because they are intentionally or unintentionally aligning back with demons instead of aligning with the Word of God.  This can be choosing old ways of thinking, acting, and responding to situations.  Sometimes going back into a chaotic or difficult personal or work situations can open doors back up to demons.  Freedom Coaching was birthed out of the need that I saw for clients to be coached on how to navigate their situations by aligning with the Word of God, surrendering to Jesus, and staying out of bondage.  It is like being a toddler living in and having to make the right decisions in a chaotic, adult world.  My passion is seeing you walk in the freedom and fullness that God has for you!


  1. Not fully surrendering every area over to Jesus.


Sometimes people unintentionally go back into bondage because they are not fully surrendering areas that need to be surrendered over to Jesus.  Surrendering is a tough concept in our culture especially when associated with Freedom because in war surrender means you succumb to the enemy.  In your freedom journey, surrender means you succumb to Jesus.  Being fully surrendered means that we are not trying to control, fix, make things happen, measure up, do things just right, scared if we mess up, etc.  Being fully surrendered is putting it all in the Lord’s hands and leaving it there while trusting Him to work all things out for our good.  Galatians chapter 3 has a lot to say on this truth.  If we are trying to do the works, we are putting ourselves under the law and “Utterly cursed is everyone who fails to practice every detail and requirement of the law!” Galatians 3:10 TPT reiterated from Deuteronomy 27:26; however, “It is obvious that no one achieves the righteousness of God by attempting to keep the law, for it is written, “The one who is in a right relationship with God will live by faith.”


Galatians 3 is such a good chapter.  I encourage you to go and mediate there.  Deliverance from Satan and freedom in our lives were won on the cross but are activated in our lives by faith.   When we have surrendered an area over to the Lord but are still growing in that area (meaning sometimes we still stumble and make mistakes) his sovereign grace covers our mistakes because our heart is surrendered in that area and our faith is in him to deliver us and build us strong in that area.    


Faith moves us into righteousness in Jesus.  Grace gives us the room to grow without condemnation. 

Ready to move out of bondage and into freedom?  Go to my Freedom Journey page for more information.  

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