The Little Things...

May 12, 2021
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I walked into my office Monday morning and saw this note stuck on the top of my monitor.  Sean, my husband, came up to use my office Saturday morning and left it for me to find.  A huge smile spread across my face.  I snapped a picture and sent him the message above.  The gesture was subtle but had a huge impact on setting a positive tone for the day.  He didn’t have to do it but took the time to do it before he left.  My heart melted knowing that while he was up here working, he was thinking about me.   


His note got me thinking about the little ways that the Lord shows us He loves us each and every day.  Did you know that the Lord leaves subtle gestures of his love and affection for us to find throughout the day?  Do you look for them?  Do you expect to find them?  Scripture is filled with displays and declarations of His affection for us. 


King David says in Psalm 62:1, “I stand silently to listen for the one I love…” TPT.  David is known as a Man after God’s heart (Acts 13:22).  His expectancy that God will respond develops a deep longing to experience more of God’s presence (Psalm 63).  Each time I am in the Word of God, He meets me where I am with what I need.  If I need companionship, He lets me know that He is near.  If I need protection, He lets me know that He has my back…and my front…and both my sides.  He is faithful, and He never fails. 


How did a simple note left behind by my husband lead me to all of this?  Because we have been through some stuff.  The note is certainly an affection from my husband, but it is also an affection from my Heavenly Father.  I have sown many prayers and many tears into our marriage over the years through the ups and downs.  This note was a reminder of all those things.   


How does this tie into deliverance and freedom?  Deliverance had to happen in areas for us to even make it to this point.  Divorce runs through my family line.  When Sean and I first committed to marriage, we agreed that it would be forever, and divorce would never be an option.  The enemy challenged us many times on this commitment.  Each time we had to remind ourselves of some key things: surrender our perceived right to be right, have difficult conversations to work through the root issues, apologize whether we needed to or not, and choose to love each other no matter what.  Facing hard truths and choosing the way of the Lord brings so much freedom.  We are a testimony to that.   


I encourage you to leave a note for someone today.  The Lord will lay on your heart who needs an encouraging note. 


I encourage you to open the Word of God and ask Him for a word of affection that will speak to your heart.  He will meet you where you are and speak directly to your needs. 


Need some help learning how to walk intimately with the Lord?  Need some guidance on how to break generational curses and live the life of freedom that Jesus died for?  Reach out.  I am here to help you, friend.  


By His Grace,

Andrea Williams

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