Freedom Work & Deliverance Highlights

Apr 26, 2023

2023 has been a bit of a whirlwind in the most beautiful kind of way! January started off with my first Spiritual Warfare Training Workshop and ended with a trip to the beautiful country of Rwanda where I had the privilege of leading two people who were severely tormented through deliverance. A former co-worker journeyed with me to Rwanda, and we were able to establish a social worker position and program for I Will Stand International. In March, the Lord allowed me to return to full time ministry work. My return kicked off with another Spiritual Warfare Training Workshop and several more scheduled throughout the rest of the year. There has been a big demand from people desiring to be trained up as deliverance ministers which led me to host the Spiritual Warfare Training Intensive in July and November to go deep in all things related to spiritual warfare, deliverance, and freedom. This will be in partnership with I Will Stand International to offer a deliverance minister’s ordination and licensing program.


April brought my first weekend training for a group of women from Pin Oaks Christian Fellowship in Anna, TX who had been petitioning for a deliverance and freedom ministry within their church. Seven women rented a lake house and went through deliverance one by one in front of the other so that all could be trained up in deliverance. It was bold, intimate, and a beautiful display of the tangible work that the Lord can do in our lives if we fully surrender to His ways. If you are near Anna, TX and need a good church, Pin Oaks Christian Fellowship has some amazing and bold people who truly have a heart to fully follow Jesus.


In the last 4.5 weeks, I have been blessed to have taken 24 people through one-on-one deliverances. Here are some highlights:


  • One woman struggled a bit in the beginning of her session and felt there was a block. She was able to see the literal wall/stronghold that the enemy had fortified within her. As we began to identify and remove each work of the enemy in her life, she began to see that wall crumble down. All praise to Jesus!
  • In another session, we identified that a woman had a demon living in her attic and her garage. The one in her attic had caused 9 floods in her house since she had started living there. These floods created tens of thousands of dollars in damage. We discovered that a couple previously tried to buy the home, but their loan fell through so they cursed the home and said that if they could not enjoy the home then no one would enjoy it. The demon in her garage reported that it continuously released mice and bugs in her garage. The woman looked shocked that a demon was the source of all these issues, but relieved that it would now stop. We canceled the curse and every legal right then commanded the demons to leave in the name of Jesus!
  • In one man, we discovered a Sports kingdom (A kingdom is a grouping of similar demonic spirits). Bowing down to this kingdom caused his favorite sports team and their schedule to rule this person’s life meaning that schedules were changed and emotions were controlled by the ups and downs of the team. Now, this man is free and only bows to King Jesus!
  • One young woman struggled with her hearing, we discovered a fear kingdom that resided in her ears and the darkness that was there prevented her from being able to hear. This darkness was removed and no longer is allowed to take up residence in her ears.
  • I planned an emergency trip to Texas for a woman diagnosed with breast cancer. We discovered that the strongman was responsible for the recurring breast cancer. There is also a cancer kingdom, but hers came straight from the strongman. We cancelled the legal rights of the strongman and commanded him to go in the name of Jesus. After the session, I received a text that her MRI came back clear! Praise Jesus!
  • One of the women in the weekend training experienced a heavenly host guarding her as a spirit of guilt and distraction were working to get her to come into agreement with them so they could gain access to her life. We commanded those two spirits to go in the name of Jesus. The Lord beautifully displayed to all the women in the session how He works to protects us from the schemes of the enemy.
  • A young boy had a very dramatic experience with the demonic. Dramatic manifestations are not allowed by the demons in my sessions. However, the day before the session, while I was on the phone with his parents, the boy went internal and began convulsing. By the grace and guidance of the Lord, we were able to walk him through this. This little boy was taken to hell and then to the throne room that night on the phone. He saw Jesus face to face, and Jesus told him, “Your sins are forgiven. You are forever free.” This boy had been severely tormented to the point of his parents considering inpatient treatment. Demons were manipulating him and telling him to do things that were getting him in trouble. Now, he is walking free! It breaks my heart to think of how many children out there are so severely tormented demons but no one around them knows how to help.
  • With another woman I have worked with through several deliverance sessions, we discovered a deception kingdom that had been hiding. This kingdom would flood her with lies about who she is and who the Lord is. It would make it difficult for her to stand firm on the Word of God and stay in a place of freedom. At a heart level, it caused her to harbor unforgiveness towards God for the traumatic events in her life despite those events being the work of demons. It was a beautiful session where the Lord revealed to her all the times through those events where the Lord’s presence was there protecting her in the midst of the trauma.


I have to say that I have THE BEST JOB in the world. Seeing literal chains broken and order being made out of the chaos in people’s life is so rewarding. In 2012, I told the Lord that if He was moving me into ministry work then I wanted to see transformation happening at a foundational level. I didn’t want to slap band aids on issues. I did not want to simply do character development that would only teach people how to manage the issues. I wanted to see real, lasting transformation happen in people’s lives. I really had no idea what I was asking for at the time. The journey for me to learn about freedom and deliverance was not easy. Deliverance was not talked about much at all 10 years ago and if it was then people cringed at it. I am so grateful that is changing because what I experience in each session is the beautiful and magnificent work of the Lord. Yes, demons are confronted. Their work is brought to light. This is where freedom happens. We can’t be free from something that we are unwilling to expose. But through exposure, the glorious freedom that Christ gave His life for on the cross in experienced by each person in a very personal and intimate way. It is simply beautiful!

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